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01/10/2023 15:11:50



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  • 27.09.2023

    Peixateria de Sant Feliu is looking for an assistant for customer service, product handling, gender placement and other cleaning and store fitting tasks.

  • 27.09.2023

    URGENT: Company located in Sant Feliu is looking for workers to make fresh dough for empanadas and bread.

    • Preparation assistant.
    • It helps in the kneading, weighing of raw material, lamination, cutting, packaging and palletizing.
    • Use of the sector's own machines and use of manual pallet trucks.

  • 27.09.2023

    URGENT: Service company is looking for home assistance professionals to attend to users residing in Sant Feliu.

    • Care for dependent people.
    • Personal hygiene, food.
    • Home maintenance.
    • medication
    • Accompaniment to doctors, walks, etc.

  • 26.09.2023

    Educational center is looking for an administrator/va for reception tasks, supervision of access doors, telephone support, secretarial tasks, communication with families, educational platform, student academic files and file control.

  • 26.09.2023

    Basic tasks of workshop and warehouse assistant:

    • Carry out loading-unloading, handling and at specific times support the coining and counter-gluing machinists.
    • Handling the forklift, pallet truck and basic tools to carry out the job of workshop assistant.
    • Punctual deliveries in the area, with the company vehicle.

    Mandatory: Driving license and cart license.

  • 26.09.2023

    Sant Feliu company is looking for an interior designer with a commercial profile. Tasks to do:

    - Visits to mainly industrial customers
    - Review of project requests with AUTOCAD
    - Coordination with architects, builders and other professionals

    Travel at the expense of the company.

  • 25.09.2023

    Service company is looking for a person to do housework in a private home.
    The tasks to be performed will be general cleaning of the home for 3 days a week.
    The forecast for the service will be approximately one month.
    Incorporation first week of October.

  • 22.09.2023

    Clothing company is looking for a seamstress to make seat covers with overlock and plain machines with knitted fabric, PVC, polyester and multilayer. An indefinite contract is offered.

  • 21.09.2023

    Company located in Sant Feliu is looking for a creative web content writer, with knowledge of online marketing to join the team through a half-day internship contract, although they do not close other types of contract either.

  • 20.09.2023

    Special work center is looking for an administrative/VAT accountant to provide administrative and accounting support by developing the following tasks: accounting management with the Finance management program (ERP), supplier and/or customer management (ERP), monitoring and control of expenses, management of payments and collections, making purchases, support for the request and justification of financial aid for projects and documentation archive.

    Es requereix experiència en tasques comptables.

  • 19.09.2023

    Service company is looking for a cleaning operator for a nursery school and a residential center. Tasks of cleaning and arranging spaces, laundry and emptying bins and other waste.

    Three mornings and five afternoons distributed between Sant Feliu and Sant Vicenç dels Horts.

    Essential certificate of social vulnerability.

  • 19.09.2023

    Beauty center looking for beauticians and manicurists/pedicurists with training and experience to do manicure tasks with different techniques (acrylic constructions and 'nail art'), pedicures and beauty treatments.

    Knowledge of aesthetics will be valued.

    Different jobs are offered, one in Sant Feliu and another in Corbera de Llobregat for the next center opening in December.

  • 19.09.2023

    Company located in Sant Joan Despí is looking for a warehouse operator and cart operator to join the logistics team.


    • 2 years experience.
    • Cart card in force.

  • 18.09.2023

    Company dedicated to the recreational sector located in Sant Feliu de Llobregat, is looking for a VAT administrator to carry out accounting, document archiving, telephone support, and other tasks specific to the profession.
    Valuable knowledge of A3 COM accounting program or similar.

    Essential driver's license.

  • 17.09.2023

    Hair salon located in Sant Feliu is looking for a half-time hairdresser to perform the following tasks:

    • Apply color, cut, comb, make collections, highlights...
    • Use of scissors, dryer, iron, ...

  • 13.09.2023

    Service company is looking for an operator to clean offices in an industrial estate 2 times a week, schedule to be agreed. It is advisable to have your own vehicle to get to the workplace.

  • 27.07.2023

    URGENT Company in the health product distribution sector, looking for a warehouse worker to perform the following tasks: material entry, preparation of orders and deliveries to the carrier, loading and unloading of material, location and 'picking' of material and ' check in' of orders.


  • 07.09.2023

    Sant Joan Despí company is looking for an operator for technical cleaning and surface treatments with chemical products and machinery with different systems
    (manual, dry sandblasting with sand, rebates, graffiti cleaning, polishing,...) Scaffolding and/or lift will occasionally be used.

    Driving license essential.

  • 05.09.2023

    Individual looking for a household helper with a driver's license in Sant Feliu. Cleaning a home and an office, shopping and picking up and taking children to school.

  • 01.09.2023

    Construction company looking for 1st grade earthmoving machinists with handling of heavy machinery for civil works (backhoes, rotators, loader shovels, compactor rollers.
    Experience and PRL training of 20 hours in machinery and earthmoving essential.

  • 29.08.2023

    Forn cafeteria in Sant Feliu is looking for a clerk with experience to cover different schedules part-time or full-time.

    - Preparation of sandwiches, coffees, infusions...
    - Customer service and checkout
    - Sorting of the merchandise
    - Organization of showcases, showcases and displays
    - Mixing, preparing and baking bread and pastries

  • 04.08.2023

    Empresa del Papiol is looking for a cleaning operator for offices.

    It is essential to have a certificate of disability.

  • 03.08.2023

    URGENT: Esplugues de Llobregat company is looking for a gardening operator with driver's license .

    Their tasks will be mowing, weeding, scarifying the lawn, applying phytosanitary treatments and biological control, trimming bushes, planting, collecting leaves...

  • 19.06.2023

    Finques de Sant Feliu is looking for an administrator to carry out comprehensive management of communities of owners.

    Administration of communities of owners and assistance to meetings of owners

  • 01.08.2023

    Industrial cleaning company wants to add an Industrial Cleaning Operator to its workforce.

    Functions to be performed: Industrial cleaning tasks in cement, concrete and waste management plants located in Baix Llobregat and Barcelonès.

  • 28.07.2023

    Information Technology and Services company, wants to add a Teleoperator with commercial experience to attract customers for a vehicle insurance company to its organization.

    Must have experience in Sales and customer acquisition of auto insurance.

    Location: Glòries Shopping Center

    Incorporation in the month of September.

  • 25.07.2023

    The Home Care Service (SAD) of Sant Feliu is looking for a professional to carry out activities related to home care, economic administration, communication and relations with the outside world and education.

    Mandatory: Accreditation training.

    Professional experience is valued, also that of training practices.

  • 18.07.2023

    URGENT Geriatric residence is looking for an occupational therapist to carry out the following tasks: improve the quality of life and promote the independence of the elderly through meaningful therapeutic activities, through programs of cognitive functional rehabilitation, psychostimulation, psychomotor...etc.

    An indefinite contract is offered.

  • 18.07.2023

    URGENT Geriatric residence is looking for a social educator to design, execute and budget individual and group projects and programs, promote the integral development of users through recreational-educational action and motivate users and families in relation to their participation to achieve its integration and positive relationship with the environment. An indefinite contract is offered.

  • 17.05.2023

    Company dedicated to the manufacture of industrial ovens is looking for a person to do machining, welding and boiler work.

    Attach cover letter together with CV.

  • 29.06.2023

    Company located in Molins is looking for a 1st or 2nd level welder for the manufacture and assembly of: garage doors, community doors, automatic doors, etc.

  • 26.06.2023

    Company managing empty printer cartridges, is looking for the position of HEAD OF WAREHOUSE for its central facilities. Member of the Management Committee.


    • Experience in Reverse Logistics.
    • Training appropriate to the position.
    • Person accustomed to working under pressure.
    • Resolute, proactive, empathetic person with clear leadership skills.
    • Person used to working with high turnover product and dynamic locations.
    • Professional accustomed to making plans for the distribution of workload with delivery dates, or commercial priorities.
    • High organizational and analytical skills.
    • The English language will be valued at a conversational level.
    • Advanced user of Excel and SGA/*ERP.
    • Availability to travel 1-3 times a year.

  • 20.06.2023

    Gastronomic restaurant in Sant Just Desvern that works with fresh and quality products is looking for a kitchen assistant for food handling, preparation of dishes (menu, menu and events). Occasional substitutions by the chef

  • 19.06.2023

    Hairdresser is looking for a hairdressing assistant or apprentice to carry out the following tasks: washing and drying hair, product preparation, cleaning and maintenance of spaces and support tasks for the hairdressing officer.

    A temporary contract is offered with the possibility of continuity and training at the expense of the company.

  • 19.06.2023

    Healthy food restaurant with vegan options located in Sant Just Desvern is looking for two kitchen helpers. One for weekday evening work, and another with weekend work.
    They are looking for dynamic people, eager to learn, who like the world of trendy cuisine and healthy food. That they are detail-oriented, given that they attach great importance to the preparation and presentation of the dishes.

  • 18.05.2023

    Sant Vicenç dels Horts company is looking for an operator for packaging, handling, palletizing, labeling, weight loading and cold work. Valuable professional use of the forklift and electric pallet truck.

    It is essential to have the certificate of social vulnerability.

  • 17.05.2023

    URGENT: Recycling company located in Sant Feliu is looking for a rotary crane operator to load and unload material.

  • 17.05.2023

    URGENT: Recycling company located in Sant Feliu is looking for a person with a C1 and E license to drive a truck + trailer and collect and deliver material; classification and storage in the warehouse.
    License and experience in the use of a crane/boom will be valued.


  • 17.05.2023

    URGENT: Recycling company located in Sant Feliu is looking for a person to do peonage tasks related to the classification, storage and cleaning of ferrous and non-ferrous materials; collection and delivery of material; classification storage in the warehouse.


  • 12.05.2023

    Company dedicated to the sale, logistics and distribution of ceramics, parquet and bathrooms, is looking for a person to join a dynamic commercial team, in one of the stores in Barcelona or Molins de Rei. One of the main objectives will be to energize the current client portfolio and increase it.

    They value: Knowledge of design and interior design , as well as project design computer programs; and knowledge of the market, home improvement, budget management and knowledge of ceramic products.

    Attach cover letter

  • 10.05.2023

    Company dedicated to the sale, logistics and distribution of ceramics, parquet and bathroom, is looking for a person to do advanced administrative tasks.

    The main functions: Telephone support with customers, suppliers and transporters; logistics and warehouse management and organization; and sales oriented to get new orders and customers.

  • 03.05.2023

    Car mechanic workshop located in Molins de Rei is looking for a person to repair and maintain cars and industrial vehicles.

  • 17.04.2023

    Company in the pharmaceutical sector is looking for a production operator to perform the following tasks: drug handling, labelling, drug packaging, introduction of new leaflets and seals, preparation of boxes for shipment and stock checking.

    They value the incorporation of people who have a disability certificate.

  • 06.04.2023

    Logistics company is looking for a person to drive a trailer and carry out goods collection tasks in the Barcelona area and its surroundings, and take the vehicles to the camp of the indicated port.

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